Market Your Business Using Custom Ashtrays

Every business is looking for unique ways of marketing and promotions. Custom ashtrays are ideals promotional items for businesses in the hospitality industry such as bars, restaurants, hotels with patios.

While ashtrays are designed for holding cigarette butts and, they can also be excellent marketing items. With multiple people seeing ashtrays every day, it makes sense to get your message or logo imprinted on custom ashtrays to reach your target audience.

Local businesses can take advantage of ashtrays to get their message out to their target customers. Making custom promotional ashtrays with your logo is one way of exposing your business to more people.

Follow these simple steps below to effectively market and brand your business using custom promotional ashtrays.

Choose the Type of Ashtray to Use

Ashtrays come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials. You should know the types of ashtrays you want beforehand. The ashtrays you go for will affect the overall cost of your promotional campaign.

For example, the regular round ashtrays are commonly made of glass. These ashtrays are cheap and easy to print on. However, they also break easily.

If you want ashtrays made from premium materials, check porcelain or ceramic-based ones. These ashtrays are, however, more expensive than glass ashtrays.

Decide the Message to Print

Next, decide the message to pass through the promotional ashtrays. Of course, your logo should be printed on the ashtray. Apart from the logo, what other information should you print?

It's important to know what you'd like to achieve through ashtray marketing. For example, if you want more foot traffic to your business, indicate your physical address on the ashtrays. If you are simply looking to improve your brand awareness, indicate your products or services.

Print Your Message or brand

If you are a well-known business, printing your logo on an ashtray may be enough to remind people about your brand. However, if your business is a startup or relatively unknown, you want to do more than just print your logo on an ashtray.

Decide how you'll print the message you want to pass across. For example, you can get the ashtrays etched with your message for a classic look. If you have a low budget, printing on the ashtray with high-quality permanent ink would also work.

Distribute the Ashtrays to your customers

After printing your message on the ashtrays, it's time to get them to as many people as possible. You should be strategic with distributing the ashtrays. For example, you can gift the ashtrays to new or loyal customers, or distribute them to businesses in the hospitality industry. The latter option will enable you to reach more people with your message.

Some of the businesses that are likely to accept your custom ashtrays include car dealerships, restaurants, pubs, casinos, liquor companies, cigarette and tobacco companies, supermarkets, and hotels.

Track Your Results

Finally, track the results generated by your ashtray marketing campaign. One simple way of doing this is by providing a custom phone number or website link on the ashtray. You can then get an idea of the number of people that saw your message and took action when they call the custom phone number or visit the provided URL.

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